Sill Repair Sections

AL Services Shop on March 10th, 2011
Discovery 1/Range Rover Sill Repairs.

This repair section is designed to fix the inner and outer sills on the Land Rover® Discovery 1 and Classic Range Rovers. This is for repairing the front or rear of the inner and outer sill.

Made of 2mm steel folded to the correct profile and size to repair the rust as shown in the pictures. Each section is now 760mm long. Please note that if you want to repair more than half the length of each sill you will need the full length section listed separately.

Repairing inner and outer sills is straight forward using a small disc cutter and welding set. It is easier to cut all of the rust away than trying to patch over rust which always comes back! …We use these parts ourselves and know they work.

Please see our other items for the body mounts and rubbers and also rear floor repair kits and sections.

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