Howlin’ Wolf Winch Challenge

The Workshop Blog on January 14th, 2010 Comments Off

Here we have the infamous Richard Nicholson winch challenge truck which we’ve had a bit of input to.

Started out as immaculate 50,000 mile N reg 90 and is now 10 inches shorter at the front and 10 inches shorter at the back. Rear mounted radiator, through cab raised air intake and tweaked TDi engine.

The vehicle modifications and driver have proved themselves in the last series of the Howlin Wolf Challenge. We’ll keep you posted with this years results as and when he competes.

Richard’s not happy with just the one comp truck he also has an 80″ V8 EFi trialer and is the process of building a Whitbread 100″ buggy for the AWDC XTC challenge next year.