Arriving in USA as we type this is a container of exported vehicles, parts and engines.

The vehicles we have sent are a Land Rover 127 hi cap double cab pick up and a 110 hi cap pick up. Both vehicles have had a make over in the workshop…

The 127 pick up had the following:
– Galvanised Chassis
– Galvanised bulkhead
– LHD conversion
– TDI engine and gearbox conversion
– Disc brake rear axle fitted

The 110 pick up we converted from an ex MOD 110 van to a hi cap pick up with truck cab roof
Also included in the container were 24 assorted Land Rover engines, gearboxes, and diffs.

If any of this is of interest to our American customers please contact Rover Resource in Connecticut and speak to Richard. We have been business partner for the last 5 years and this is the fourth 40ft container of Land Rover goodies we have sent.

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